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More minerals essential for Angolan economy

Gold (being poured
here) is one of
various metals
Angola hopes
to mine soon
Luanda, Angola — MININGREVIEW.COM — 25 June 2008 – A top-ranking diamond mining executive in Angola has underlined the urgent need for the country’s mining industry to move into the exploration and mining of various other minerals in order to boost the national economy.

Planning and investment director of the Angola’s State-run diamond company, Endiama – Alberto Fançony – emphasised the importance of exploration of minerals other than diamonds to boost Angolan economic development and to help satisfy the collective necessities of the country.

Speaking to the Angolan News Agency ANGOP during a workshop on “challenges of the mining industry to support sustainable development”, the director stressed the need to also mine iron, gold, marble, granite, uranium and platinum in order to empower the Angolan economy.

Fançony made the point that the International Mining Fair in Luanda played a significant role in helping to boost mining of these various mineral resources so that they could be used essentially for the well-being of the Angolan population.

“I think that these gatherings are very important, as they allow different companies and entities to gather in forums to discuss and establish partnerships for new businesses.” he added. This will hopefully encourage more new activities in the mining of minerals other than diamonds.”