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More power-saving needed

Power – we need
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Johannesburg, South Africa — MININGREVIEW.COM — 13 May 2008 – South Africa managed to achieve power savings of 7% last month but remains below the 10% target required to alleviate the country’s power crisis.
Quoting the president’s office, Reuters reports that after a meeting of the joint energy working group – which included President Thabo Mbeki – a statement was issued saying that the country is nearing its 10% power-saving target.

“The meeting nevertheless urged the public to accelerate electricity savings in order to avert a resumption in load-shedding as the current savings, though welcome, remain below the 10 percent target,” the statement added.

State-owned power utility Eskom said at the start of May that it had suspended rolling power blackouts, known as load-shedding, because of reduced demand as consumers saved electricity.

Eskom has been struggling to contain South Africa’s power crisis – the result of years of under-spending on electricity generation capacity – leading to mines shutting down for five days in January and millions of homes being left without power.

Since then mines have been operating at 95 percent of normal power.