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Mozambique grants diamond prospecting licences

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Maputo, Mozambique — MININGREVIEW.COM — 04 November 2009 – The government of Mozambique has issued licences to two companies, allowing them to prospect for diamond reserves in the Manica, Sofala and Gaza provinces, along the border with Zimbabwe.

The Maputo-based daily newspaper Noticias quoted national mines director Eduardo Alexandre as saying that Manicaland Corporation and Preciosa had been allocated 25 hectares each along the Zimbabwean border, where diamond reserves had been discovered in recent years.

The two companies were among eight selected from a tender launched by the government last year, Noticias reported, adding that the rest would begin operations ‘soon.’

Alexandre also told the newspaper that there was no illegal mining of diamonds in Mozambique. He said that studies by his ministry had noted that the minerals being sold along the border had been illegally exported from Zimbabwe.

He added that Mozambique was in the process of ratifying the Kimberley Process treaty in order to control the mining and trade of diamonds.