Aerial view of expanded
processing plant at the
Moma mineral sands
Maputo, Mozambique — 09 September 2013 – The amount of minerals mined in Mozambique in the first half of 2013 rose by 34%  above the figure for the period January to June last year, the country’s mining resources minister Esperança Bias has revealed.    

Macauhub News Agency, citing Mozambican news agency AIM, reports that the minister did not specify if the rise was by weight or value, but added that in 2013 the sector’s contribution to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was expected to be 2.9%.

“Despite the floods at the beginning of the year, which made coal transport difficult, along with the unfavourable scenario on the international market for some mining products, overall production in the first half rose by 34% year on year, driven by rutile, tourmaline, clays, diatomite, limestone and gravel,” said Bias.

At the closing session of the 28th Coordinating Council of the Mining Resources Ministry, the minister said that in 2014 overall mining production was expected to grow by 7.9% compared to this year, based on coal and minerals mined at heavy sands projects in Moma and Angoche.

Source: Macauhub News Agency. For more information, click here.