At work in the
Mozal foundry
Ulonhué, Mozambique — 24 April 201 – The Mozambique government’s Office for Economic Areas with Accelerated Development (Gazeda) is currently negotiating substantial investments for new key mining-related projects in
the country.

News Agency Macauhub cites Mozambican daily “Noticias” as quoting Gazeda director-general, Danilo Nalá confirming that three large investment projects were under negotiation.

He said the three projects would represent an investment of US$5 billion and would be located in the Nacala Special Economic Area (ZEE) in Nampula province and in the Beloluane Industrial
Park in Maputo.

One of the projects is focused on using phosphates from Monapo to supply a fertilizer factory in Nacala-a-Velha; a second is to make use of and process heavy sands from Angoche, in Nacala;
and the third project, which will be located in the Beloluane Industrial Park, will make use of aluminium from the Mozal foundry to manufacturer electrical cables, alloy wheels and other
products, Nala explained.

Gazeda is an arm of the Planning and Development Ministry. Its headquarters are in Maputo and it has a delegation in the Nacala ZEE in Nampula province, and in the Industrial Duty Free Areas

According to the Gazeda director, there are several companies in Mozambique operating under the ZFI system, such as the Mozal foundry, the Moma heavy sands project, textile companies in
Maputo and some others in Nampula.

Since it was set up in 2009 Gazeda has approved investment projects worth over US$350 million which, according to Nalá, cover sectors ranging from agriculture to industry.

Source: Macauhub News Agency. For more detail, click here.