Mwana Africa has reported generally improved operating performance across the group’s operations during the fourth and final quarter of the 2013 financial year.

“Both gold and nickel production increased, reflecting higher tonnage mined and milled, and diamond production from the Klipspringer Slimes Retreatment Project more than doubled quarter on quarter,” says Mwana CEO Kalaa Mpinga.

“We anticipate that at Freda Rebecca, the current focus on mining and processing efficiencies, and at BNC continued progress by Trojan Mine towards steady-state and stronger mill performance, will deliver further operational improvements for the Group in the year ahead.”

Thanks to improved maintenance at Freda Rebecca, tonnes milled for the quarter under review at were 8% higher at 279 879 t compared to 258 184 t in the last quarter. The average feed was 1% higher at 1.91 g/t from 1.89  g/t in Q3. Consequently, a combination of improved milled tonnes and feed grade resulted in gold production rising by 2% to 13 380 oz, compared to 13 072 oz in the previous quarter.

At Klipspringer mine in South Africa, retreatment of the Marsfontein slimes dam at the mine has produced 12 383 cts during the quarter, an increase of over 100% on the previous quarter. An average price of $21 per carat was achieved during the quarter, and steady-state production was reached. “Improvement in throughput is expected with the onset of the dry season and the evaluation of options to re-open the underground operation will continue,” says Mpinga.

“We continue to work towards the completion of a feasibility study at our Zani Kodo exploration whilst work at our SEMKHAT exploration is advancing, with our Joint Venture partner mobilising for the second year’s exploration programme.”

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