A Namdeb diamond
mine near Elizabeth
Windhoek, Namibia — 30 March 2012 – Namibian diamond mining company Namdeb “’ equally owned by De Beers Centenary AG and the government of Namibia “’ has announced plans to develop a new onshore diamond mine at its southern diamond fields, expected to produce 45,000ctspa.

Fin24 quotes Sapa-AFP as reporting that Namdeb chief executive Inge Zaamwani told reporters the firm had approved funding totalling US$36 million for the construction of the mine at Sendelingsdrift, on the Orange River. “Production is set to start towards the end of 2013,” he said.

It is estimated that the mine will have a seven-year life, producing 45,000 diamond carats a year.

“However, the stones mined along the Orange River bank at Sendelingsdrift are larger than at our other mining areas. They are around 1.5 carats in size,” Namdeb general manager Riaan Burger pointed out.

“The value of the Orange River diamonds is about four times higher than our other diamonds,” he added.
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Burger said a study had indicated that about 500 million carats of diamonds had been coming down the Orange River over many years. “Namdeb has probably mined only 100 million carats so far,” he told reporters.

The company also plans to “push back the sea” to mine the beaches at its onshore sites, where diamond deposits are becoming depleted.

Source: Fin 24, quoting Sapa-AFP. For further details click here.