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Windhoek, Namibia — 18 April 2012 – The Chamber of Mines of Namibia is to contract an international consultant to assess the state of health and safety at all mines across the country. cites “The Namibian” newspaper, which reports from here that the decision to conduct this investigation comes in the wake of the third fatal mining accident so far this year. Two of the accidents occurred at the Otjihase mine, while Namdeb recorded one fatality.

Chamber of Mines CEO Veston Malango said the number of deaths in less than four months of this year equal the three mine fatalities recorded during the whole of 2011.

“In an effort to strengthen its commitment to safety, the Chamber of Mines hereby announces that it will be contracting an internationally recognised expert consultant to review the state of health and safety in the entire Namibian mining industry,” the Chamber announced. “After completing the probe, the consultant will make recommendations,” Malango said.

“In addition, the consultant will be tasked to carry out an international benchmarking exercise, the aim of which will be to compare the Namibian mining industry’s safety standards and statistics to other first-world countries in which mining is a significant industry,” he continued,
“and the findings will be made known to the public.”

Malango urged all mines to cooperate with the investigation in accordance with Namibian health and safety regulations.

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