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Australian-based Coffey Mining – now operating out of South Africa as well – has gained access to new world-class technology and expertise which will improve extraction sequencing and mine design for open pit and underground mines in Africa.

As part of its intensive drive to establish its full range of mining services in Africa, the company entered the market earlier this year through a take-over of RSG Global and the establishment of a Johannesburg office which provides the full suite of consultancy services for the mining industry. It has subsequently opened an office in Zambia as well.

The company has signed an agreement giving it access to Beck Arndt Engineering’s world-class 3D non-linear rock mass modelling technology and expertise. Access to this best-practice mine modelling will allow Coffey Mining to improve extraction sequencing and mine design throughout the mining process for both underground and open pit mines. Better managed mine stability improves safety and boosts productivity and production rates to optimise a mine’s life cycle.

Beck Arndt specialises in engineering for large and complex mining operations, building, calibrating and running large, geometrically accurate mine-scale 3D non-linear models.

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Examples of Beck Arndt
Engineering analysis –
very detailed analysis of
movements in a large open pit

Coffey Mining chief mine geotechnical engineer Peter Fuller says: “Maintaining and managing the stability of a mine is essential to its ongoing operation. This technology is a powerful tool that will assist in the effective management of ground control and support throughout the life of the mine.”

Coffey Mining will formulate and plan the modelling with its clients, working closely with the Berlin and Perth-based Beck Arndt simulation and engineering teams. Beck Arndt will conduct the simulations and, where required, will be available to assist Coffey Mining with interpretation and engineering using the model results.

Calibrated with their observations, Coffey Mining will use this information to develop reliable predictions of ground behaviour and to design optimum mining approaches for its clients.