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New billing system for Progress Energy

Progress Energy, a diversified company with two utilities in two US states, serves residential, retail and wholesale customers. The company recently acquired a new series of contracts that needed to be billed within a short time frame, and will use LODESTAR Energy Information Platform, Adapter and BillingExpert to bill its wholesale contracts.

The LODESTAR applications will allow Progress Energy to calculate and bill within a day. The system incorporates auditing of critical data and the ability to report on items on an ad hoc basis – particularly important in view of the requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. LODESTAR provides a controlled environment for billing, and is easily able to handle the complexity of Progress Energy’s contracts.

Implementation is still underway, and Progress Energy is already expanding the types of contracts billed and successfully conducting data validation.

https://www.progress-energy.com / https://www.lodestarcorp.com