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New collaboration in AMR

Leading Australian meter manufacturer Email Metering and innovative technology group Intermoco Limited have recently announced the formation of an exclusive marketing and R&D collaboration for the most cost effective and versatile automated meter reading solution (AMR) seen to date.

The solution, which uses proven Email smart meter technology and Intermoco’s revolutionary approach of utilising affordable communication mediums, incorporates the power of the Internet to make meter readings available. It will enhance the value of your metering asset, and will also make available automatic meter readings to end users at the lowest possible cost.

Real time data – No software

The end product, which is known as UTILIGY, extracts part or all of the data within the electricity meter and posts that data (in real time) on a secure website in half hourly intervals. The data can then be used for profiling and billing purposes. No elaborate and costly proprietary software is needed – all that is required is access to the Internet via a standard web browser. 

The components of this solution incorporate Email Metering’s Q4, A11L and P1 electronic smart meters, which have now been enhanced to accept pulses from gas and water meters as well; innovative product design and information technology by Intermoco; and wireless GPRS communications by National Telecommunications carriers. When coupled together with the power and accessibility of the Internet, these components add up to a powerful remote meter reading solution.

Michael Stephens, General Manager Sales & Marketing of Intermoco Solutions, said: “The most critical consideration at the end of the day is that the UTILIGY solution requires no specific proprietary or client-based software to manage the AMR process, nor are there any hidden communication charges and costs for supporting and managing the service. All of this is catered for from within UTILIGY. And it is all available in real time, making it a powerful tool for utility businesses managing energy demand today.”

In the past, most systems provided metering data historically, and offering real time data access was seen as cost prohibitive.

Claude Corso, General Manager Sales & Marketing of Email Metering, said: “This collaboration reflects an exciting time in the history of Email Metering. These days it is simply not enough to be a manufacturer, as end users and the general public are becoming more and more solutions-focused and are increasingly seeking value-adding and service wherever they can find it. 

UTILIGY, coupled with our 80 years of proven meter design and know-how, creates a powerful synergy and will provide the necessary starting point for future product enhancement and services in the world of automatic meter reading.”

For further information please contact:
Michael Stephens
General Manager, Sales & Marketing
Intermoco Limited
+61 3 8080-8788


Claude Corso
General Manager, Sales & Marketing
Email Metering
+61 3 9391-9411