Metorex Ruashi project

An aerial view of Metorex’s Ruashi project
at Kolwezi. It is in this area that
the company’s new copper and cobalt
exploration projects are underway

A start has been made with ambitious plans to develop a number of additional copper and cobalt exploration prospects in the Kolwezi area of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Behind these projects is Metorex Limited – a South African-based, independent, mid-tier mining company – in partnership with the DRC state mineral company Gecamines.

Probably the most exciting of the new copper and cobalt prospects in the DRC is the Musonoi deposit at Kolwezi. Exploratory drilling is well underway on this project, and more than 550m has been drilled in five holes.

Drilling has been logged, and interpretation and modelling is in progress. Latest reports indicate that encouraging intersections have been made in all holes, but it is difficult to define any specific resource at this stage. This will be possible only once the drilling programme is further advanced.

The other promising DRC prospects are Sokoroshi I and II, both of which are very close to Ruashi.

Five holes have been completed at Sokoroshi II, and a sixth hole is nearing completion. Almost 1 000m has been drilled to date, and various mineral zones have been intersected. Once again, interpretation and modelling is in process prior to any definite indications of the resource.

Drilling was scheduled to commence at Sokoroshe 1 during the course of July 2007.