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New Endiama chairman

Endiama chairman
and chief executive
Carlos Sumbula
Luanda, Angola — MININGREVIEW.COM — 06 November 2009 – The government of Angola has appointed Carlos Sumbula as chairman and chief executive of state-owned diamond company Endiama E.P.

A presidential statement released here revealed that, according to government plans for the company, Sumbula “’ a former deputy mines minister “’ was expected to continue with extensive cost-cutting measures at Endiama and its subsidiaries. This followed the sharp drop in diamond prices triggered by last year’s global financial crisis.

The statement added that Sumbula was also expected to make a strong effort to attract new investors into Angola, which recently announced that it had 100 mines open for exploration by private investors.

Endiama controls all diamond concessions in Angola “’ the world’s fifth biggest diamond producer.
Caption, Pic 1: New Endiama chairman and chief executive Carlos Sumbula.