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New iron ore mine soon

Motjoli’s Avontuur
manganese project
Johannesburg, South Africa — MININGREVIEW.COM — 27 July 2010 – Motjoli Resources Limited “’ a junior exploration and development company with a world class portfolio of late stage development assets in the manganese and iron ore sectors “’ is planning to establish an R11 billion iron ore mine near Piet Retief in South Africa.

Reporting this new development from here, MiningMx did not quote any sources for the information.

The mine could start production in 2012 and produce 20 million metric tonnes of ore a year, the Johannesburg-based Internet news site said.

Motjoli, is also presently developing other projects, principally in coal, iron ore and aggregate, up the value curve. Most recently, it has concluded a scoping study on a 1.2billion tonne iron ore project in Mpumalanga and “’ in partnership with Aquila Resources (Ltd) “’ is about to begin a feasibility study on a high value manganese project in the Northern Cape.