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New maintenance system saves millions

Conveyor belt
transporting coal
to Eskom
Johannesburg, South Africa — MININGREVIEW.COM — 03 November 2010 – Bearing Man Group – (BMG) has been able to save large production plants and mining operations millions of rand by implementing a system of predictive maintenance through its “World Class Production Efficiency” initiative.

Making this claim here, BMG group technical director Dave Russell said the initiative had been founded on the notion that the prime driver of an enterprise’s profitability lay in the productivity of its assets.

“We have seen some major shifts in South African industry over the last decade,” Russell added, “and we have recognised that the vital need for our customers to control costs has emerged because of sharply increasing global competition.”

He pointed out that skills shortages had now reached acute proportions, which negatively affected cost effective maintenance. The need for companies to act to reduce environmental impacts had become a priority.

BMG’s World Class Production Efficiency programme involves a practical six-step plan that starts with the need to establish a baseline measurement of exact consumption, as well as the mechanical condition of equipment.

 A power analyser is used to monitor consumption for at least 150 hours, in conjunction with a portable online condition monitoring pack. The results of the equipment’s operating performance form the basis for all interventions which will improve efficiency and reliability.

According to Dave Russell the programme was applied to 55kW belt conveyors which transport coal from a mine to an Eskom power station, and it has proven very successful and effective.

A detailed measurement and verification study conducted by BMG was followed up with recommendations for drive changes which are resulting in energy savings of 13kW per conveyor, as well as reliability improvements and reduced maintenance costs.

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