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New mines for Zambia

The high pressure
leach facility at
Kansanshi mine,
in north-west Zambia
Ndola, Zambia — MININGREVIEW.COM — 30 October 2008 – Acting President Rupiah Banda has announced that 10 major mines will soon be opening in various parts of Zambia.

Addressing a campaign rally here, Banda said that the opening of 10 new mines would play a definite role in the alleviation of poverty through job provision.

Quoting The Times of Zambia, allAfrica.com reported that the acting President had said: “In three years, the Zambian government has reactivated three mines and this, together with the opening of 10 major new mines, will create meaningful employment for the Zambian people.”

Mr Banda also revealed that seven other areas would be commissioned for exploration in a further drive to create wealth for the country.

He emphasised that the government had so far shown its commitment towards creating jobs for Zambians to improve revenue for the country. In 2002 the mines employed 34 000 people, and government was now ensuring that the new mines would employ another 58 000.

He also expressed the intention to ensure that Zambians were incorporated in the mining sector as major suppliers for all mines.

Mr Banda reiterated that he would not close any existing mines, saying that his government would not attempt to run the country by itself, but with the cooperation of trade unions and other cooperating partners.