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New Mozambique mining regulations for employees a potential burden

Mozambique – New Mozambique mining regulations for employees in the mining sector could “increase the risk of contract alteration and regulatory burden.”

This is according to law firm ENSAfrica, which also notes that the new regulations are applicable to liquefied natural gas (LNG) and oil production sectors.

The new regulations, as announced by the Mozambican Council of Ministers, are part of a new labour law and are designed to safeguard the physical and “moral” integrity of workers, establish a minimum working age, and limit maximum working hours.

ENSAfrica says that the government has stressed that the new regulations aim to give preference to Mozambican, rather than foreign, workers.

Workers will be issued with written employment contracts and will be eligible for regular medical examinations to determine the safety of working conditions, while employers will be required to provide daily meals to employees free of charge.

Employers will also be required to assist in providing medical assistance, medication and collective insurance against accidents and occupational diseases.

The new regulations also require employers to provide accommodation and vocational training. The implementation of the new regulations will be overseen by teams from the ministries of labour, mineral resources, and health.

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