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New plan of action for awarding mining licences

Mines minister
Susan Shabangu
Johannesburg, South Africa — MININGREVIEW.COM — 18 August 2010 – South African mines minister Susan Shabangu is scheduled to be unveiling a new plan of action regarding regulatory problems in the awarding of mining licences, according to the department of mines.

“The minister will provide the context within which the current regulations are applied and will outline her plan of action for dealing with a number of areas of concern in this regard,” the department of mines said in a statement issued here.

This follows a torrid fortnight for South African mining in which the award of prospecting permits and new order mining licences “’ a prerequisite for empowerment in the sector “’ have been questioned.

In one instance, Lonmin plc is taking Keysha Investments 220 to court over its award of a prospecting licence on an area within Lonmin’s lease area, which also forbids the platinum firm from selling base metals from the area.

In a second instance, Kumba Iron Ore is locked in a struggle for control over a portion of Sishen Iron Ore Company which was awarded to Imperial Crown Trading by the mines department.
Imperial Crown Trading, which is loaded with individuals with strong political connections to President Jacob Zuma’s administration, has since become an empowerment partner of ArcelorMittal.