PANalytical’s new MiniPal 4 energydispersive XRF bench-top spectrometer performs nondestructive analysis of elements from sodium right through to uranium, in concentrations from 100% down to part per million (ppm) levels.


The MiniPal 4.

MiniPal 4 features a new silicon drift detector, with currently the highest resolution in this market segment, assuring it demonstrates higher maximum count rates and improved resolution.

The instrument’s X-ray tube allows the use of different target materials to avoid possible masking of the sample’s spectrum by the spectrum of the tube. It comes with a rhodium target as standard, with chromium, molybdenum and tungsten target materials being available as options.

MiniPal 4 runs with the latest software version including a variety of features for increased flexibility and ease of use such as recalibration, spectra comparison, extended database formatting possibilities and a host of other enhancements and modifications.

MiniPal 4 also offers a unique standardless-analysis feature for inspection or identification of unknown substances such as metals and its alloys. Based on theoretical models and specially developed algorithms, this allows quick analysis of unknown samples.