Booyco warning

Booyco’s new active proximity warning
system is aimed at operations where
large and small vehicles operate
simultaneously, as at this
Anglo Coal operation

A South African company specialising in the supply and maintenance of electronic mine safety equipment, Booyco Electronics, has introduced an active proximity warning system for earthmoving and mining vehicles to warn operators when they approach risky work zones.

The system detects any object within a predetermined proximity of any vehicle fitted with the system. The information is relayed to an LED display in the vehicle, alerting the operator almost immediately. The system also features an audio warning alert.

“The device can be installed on all mining and earthmoving equipment in service operations. It offers the twin advantages of being fully automatic and stand-alone, and does not use a receiver and transponder as similar systems do,” explains Booyco managing director Anton Lourens. “This makes it more reliable, since it functions independently and does not rely on any other system,” he adds.

The system is extremely robust in construction and designed to withstand the vibrations associated with earthmoving and mining vehicles. It has been developed to reduce the risks associated with working in the proximity of heavy mining equipment, particularly in service operations where large and small vehicles are in operation simultaneously.

As South African mines increasingly turn to mechanisation to boost productivity and access ever-greater depths, there is an increased danger of potential collisions between mobile machinery and personnel. It is to address this growing problem that the new proximity warning system has been introduced.

Booyco claims that its various collision and proximity warning systems are the first truly viable solutions to the perennial problem of accidents involving mobile machinery and personnel.

“Our approach is to add value by offering complete solutions as opposed to standalone products,” Lourens comments.