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No electricity increase to Gold Fields

Johannesburg, South Africa — MININGREVIEW.COM — 31 January, 2008 -Gold Fields Limited has announced that the undertaking by state-owned power utility Eskom to authorise an increase in electricity load from 80% to 90% by this evening, has been temporarily withdrawn.

In a media release here this afternoon, the company said that Eskom’s halting of the increase in electricity supply was in order “to protect further frequency decay and system instability.”

“To comply with this instruction and in the interests of safety,” the release added, “production at Gold Fields operations is being pulled back to the 80% power level.”

Eskom undertook on Tuesday to increase its supply to the mines to 80% by last night, and to 90% by the end of today. It is not clear at this stage whether the withdrawal of the increase to 90% applied across the board or not.