North River has submitted its environmental impact assessment (EIA) and environmental management plan (EMP) to the Namibian Ministry of Environment and Tourism for its Namib Lead & Zinc Project.

The report is the culmination of almost two years of an independent and comprehensive investigation into the environmental affects of re-opening the Namib Lead & Zinc mine, which was previously operational from 1965-1992.

The submission of the EIA and EMP is a requirement for mining applications in Namibia, with a positive outcome being the issue of an environmental clearance certificate, which is a prerequisite for the issue of a mining licence. North River intends to complete its definitive feasibility study (DFS) during Q1 2014. Following completion of the DFS, the mining licence application will be submitted.

“The EIA/EMP is a long lead-time item in the DFS process. Its completion is therefore an important milestone for the project and we are pleased to have submitted this to the authorities in very good time, some months ahead of our application for a mining licence.  Additionally, we are pleased to report that the DFS remains on schedule and within budget,” Martin French, managing director, commented.

Colin Christian and Associates, an experienced Namibian environmental consultancy, completed the EIA on behalf of North River. Detailed studies were undertaken relating to air quality, hydrogeological assessment, surface water, flora, fauna, archaeology, air quality and soils and legal and policy review.