Northam is still deadlocked in its wage negotiations with NUM, saying the union’s demands are putting the company’s future at risk.

“The continued strike brings the affordability of the current offer into question. Similarly, it threatens our ability to consider other non-wage related demands, or our ability to avoid job losses,” Northam said in a public statement, responding to NUM’s memorandum.

The strike between Northam Platinum and The National Union of Mineworkers has entered its fourth week, costing the company over 1 000oz per day.

Num’s most recent memorandum, ‘Grievances to Northam Platinum Limited,’ calls for an entry level wage increase of around 61%, which Northam has stated it cannot afford, not even in a staggered manner in the short term.

“The management of Northam remains willing to engage with NUM leadership, to reach and finalise an amicable settlement. We urge the NUM to reconsider its substantive position with regard to wages and to communicate openly and honestly with all affected parties,” says Northam.

“Now more than ever, it is of critical importance that information is shared in a transparent fashion. The very future of our mine and livelihoods of our employees, their dependents and many, many other interested parties are at stake.”