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NUM declares dispute with Implats

The Two Rivers
mine – labour
problems persist
Johannesburg, South Africa — MININGREVIEW.COM — 18 June 2009 – South Africa’s biggest mining trade union – the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) – has declared a wage dispute against Impala Platinum – the world’s second largest producer of the precious metal.

The union – which is seeking a wage increase of 20% – said in a statement here that Implats had not yet given its offer. NUM plans to meet with Implats next Wednesday to resolve the wage dispute, but if this fails, it said it would call in a mediating authority to resolve the standoff.

Meanwhile the NUM – the majority union at the Two Rivers mine which is jointly owned by African Rainbow Minerals and Implats – has condemned the mine management for suspending wage talks and calling on workers to join COPE.

“We condemn the attitude of Two Rivers mine management and have taken the matter to the CCMA for intervention” said, the NUM Regional Secretary in the North-East region William Mabapa.

In another development, gold wage negotiations between the Chamber of Mines and the unions have started with Solidarity warning that a strike would not be good for the gold industry’s imag

Labour unions demanding a 15% wage increase, last week warned of a potential strike in the gold sector after wage negotiations had deadlocked over a 7% offer from gold companies.

“A strike will not be good for the gold industry’s image right now, but workers cannot be satisfied with not earning a living wage and getting an increase below the current consumer price index rate,” said Solidarity spokesman Jaco Kleyhans. “The time has come for the CoM to stop playing games.”