Shaft Sinkers

Shaft Sinkers celebrates the achievement
of one-million fatality-free shifts.
Pictured here are the relevant employees
at the company’s Impala No. 1 site

Proving its safe and efficient service record once again, Shaft Sinkers – one of Africa’s most experienced mining contractors – has achieved one million fatality-free shifts for the third time since 2001.

In a drive to reinforce safety awareness, the company launched an internal safety campaign in February this year, urging employees to work towards achieving one-million fatality free shifts.

Divisional director of corporate services, Tom Pietrzak says that to achieve this milestone, each of the company’s employees took control of the safety of themselves and their colleagues. He emphasises that their positive attitude, commitment to reporting unsafe acts, and their acceptance of coaching and corrective teaching in a positive spirit contributed greatly to this achievement.

“Shaft Sinkers was the first mining contracting company in South Africa to achieve the magical one million fatalityfree shifts in 2001,” says Pietrzak. “We repeated the achievement in 2003, and now again in 2007. Looking ahead, we will be launching a plan to reach two million fatality-free shifts,” he adds.

In order to improve the company’s safety behaviour, the Safety, Health, Environment, Quality & Training (SHEQT) department has embarked on a renewed drive to promote Behavioural-Based Safety (BBS) and a Zero Tolerance to harmful acts working style in the Shaft Sinkers workforce. This latest BBS safety campaign was initiated in the latter part of April 2007 and the company claims that the benefits of the campaign have already been realised.