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One System Provides Underground Data & Voice Communication

Cattron Group International, a leading global manufacturer of remote control products and professional services for the industrial, mining, commercial mobile and railroad markets, announces the new SIAMnet underground communication system. It combines the speed of fibre optic system data communication with leaky feeder voice communication at a fraction of the cost of installing the two systems individually.

While most systems can provide varying levels of voice communication within a relatively low price range, the same cannot be said for high speed data communication, and in our digital age, telephones (VOIP) and IP cameras work from the same network as email and other office applications. Rather than installing only a voice communication system, Cattron’s SIAMnet makes it possible to install one system that also will support current data communication needs as well as the expanding data communication needs of the future.

A traditional fibre optic system is perfect for transporting large amounts of data over long distances, but when data needs to be transported to multiple locations that are relatively close to each other, a fibre optic system becomes expensive and less versatile. In the event of an explosion or damage from a vehicle, the fibre cable is difficult to repair, causing lengthy delays and lost communication with the workforce. The option of buying spare cables to replace damaged ones is costly and involves downtime and lost communication during installation. A fibre optic system is also unable to transport the electrical energy that different apparatus need to operate, necessitating either a separate electrical network in parallel with the fibre cable or the installation of AC outlets where needed.

Leaky feeder coaxial cable with imperfect shielding works for voice communication and for low speed data communication needs. Cable television cable is able to provide high speed data to its subscribers and it is this same high speed technology that the Cattron SIAMnet system uses to provide communication with underground miners. If a coaxial cable is damaged, it can be repaired in minutes. It also can transport the electrical energy needed for other underground operations. SIAMnet is able to provide the voice communication of a leaky feeder and data communication at a speed that is very similar to a fibre optic cable at a cost that is much less than the cost of installing two separate communication systems.

One system

With 64 years of radio frequency (RF) and industrial remote control experience, Cattron Group companies have a total installed base of over 125,000 remote control systems throughout the world.

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