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Optimisation at Impala

Implat Ken

A view of the process plant at Implats
where K’Enyuka did modifications
to optimise its efficiency.

The process at Impala Platinum has been optimised through modifications undertaken by K’Enyuka. “It was important to ensure optimum efficiency of the milling circuit and increase ease of operation of the entire plant,” Trevor Anderson, business development manager, at K’Enyuka says.

Previously the ore was transferred from one conveyor belt to the next without crushing taking place, which meant that particle size was not regulated prior to entering the mill.

“We were required to deliver a 2,400 tonne per hour crushing unit which would ensure the correct particle size range for the milling section on the existing plant,” Anderson says.

“K’Enyuka designed and engineered a crusher and scalper into the existing plant circuit which entailed tying into the operating plant. This, firstly, involved the demolition of existing buildings within the brownfields area of the plant, a process entirely project managed by us. A subcontractor provided the free issue mechanical items which were then installed and commissioned,” Anderson explains.

To ensure that stoppages to the plant would be kept to the absolute minimum all engineering was pre-planned.

“Plants within the mining industry are generally not known for their aesthetic appeal, but in this particular case we managed to produce a building design that successfully portrayed a modern and professional image. We took cognisance during the design stage of the fact that the building needed to allow for the easy removal and maintenance of equipment,” he adds.