The groundbreaking new Oribi medium sized utility truck (MUT) has been exclusively launched at the 2014 AAD Expo by DCD Protected Mobility – a leader in the design, development and manufacture of special purpose tactile wheeled vehicles.

The Oribi – designed and manufactured as part of a joint venture between medium to heavy duty vehicle customisation expert Histomart and DCD Protected Mobility – boasts a perfect balance between off-road capability, on-road comfort and operational efficiency. AAD was selected as the ideal platform to launch the Oribi, as it is recognised the largest exhibition of air, sea and land capabilities on the African continent, and one of the world´s premier aerospace and defence events.

DCD Protected Mobility general manager Andrew Mears reveals that the Oribi offers a significant level of terrain clearance and an unrivalled ability to climb steep terrain.  “It can operate on rails, tar roads and in severe off-road conditions. These features make the vehicle ideal for numerous industries; ranging from military and security, to agriculture, construction and mining.”

According to Histomart executive director Idah Mabaso, the Oribi is particularly well-suited to the harsh African terrain. “With a fully innovative cab structure, the Oribi is built on sheer strength, with the principle of driver and passenger protection from the ground up. The Oribi is mechanically advanced, highly robust, and is considerably more agile than common off-road vehicles,” she states.

The Oribi delivers a wide range of capabilities, thanks to its ability to carry a three-ton payload. It conquers various rough terrain with an impressive maximum summit angle of 35 degrees, a maximum surmountable slope of 45 degrees, a front approach angle of 48 degrees, a rear approach angle of 44 degrees and a maximum fording depth of 900 mm.

Mabaso reveals that the Oribi’s unrivalled versatility makes it the ideal solution to serve in the defence environment. “In addition to being the perfect troop carrier, the Oribi can also be configured into a pilot rescue vehicle, a logistic support vehicle, a command and control vehicle, a reconnaissance vehicle, a water and fuel bowser vehicle, as well as an armoured vehicle for multiple uses.”

What’s more, the Oribi is the ideal utility vehicle for every day municipal operations as a cargo vehicle, a field service vehicle to an ambulance, a fire fighting vehicle, or as a riot control vehicle. Commercially, it can be converted into a game viewing vehicle, a camper vehicle, a utility vehicle, as well as a leisure vehicle for towing a boat.

Mears notes that the Histomart and DCD Protected Mobility JV was initiated in mid-2013 to provide world-class innovative vehicle solutions that exceed evolving market needs with regards to next generation defence and commercial vehicle requirements. “We operate with unparalleled commitment to those who depend on our products and services worldwide to perform critical operational tasks.”

The Oribi is adapted entirely in-house at the DCD Protected Mobility production facility based in Johannesburg. “Oribi contributes positively to the South African economy, as it creates additional engineering and production jobs, which in turn positively impacts the local supply chain and export revenue flows for the country,” Mears continues.

The basic vehicle is in production and available in large numbers, as required. Delivery times will depend on adaptations of customer requirements. “I anticipate demand to rise, as the Oribi is an all-in-one utility vehicle solution to numerous industries across the vast and rapidly developing African market, which requires a reliable offering that achieves optimal performance, even in the most hostile environments,” she concludes.

DCD Protected Mobility will also be launching the technologically-advanced Multi-Track Machine (MTM), which is designed for reconnaissance missions, mapping of unsafe areas, mine surveying and search and rescue operations. In addition to the new product launches, the following range of mobile land detection vehicles and armoured personnel carriers – designed for deployment in conflict and peacekeeping missions worldwide –  will be displayed by DCD Protected Mobility;

Springbuck: This ballistic and landmine protected, all-terrain armoured personnel carrier ensures the highest levels of crew protection, and is easy to operate, maintain and repair. With B6 ballistic protection upgradeable to B7, the all-steel armoured V-shaped hull is designed to withstand a TM57 landmine directly under the hull, or two under any wheel. This vehicle is popular with African users and in emerging markets.

Husky: Renowned as the world’s leading route clearance system, the exceptional Husky landmine detection vehicle is blast survivable, overpass capable and field repairable. Sophisticated high-sensitivity, low-metal content detectors are standard, along with cyclone blowers and robotic arms. The Husky used by the United States Army and Marines, as well NATO troops.

Mountain Lion: Designed for battlefield and peacekeeping missions, it offers the perfect tactical balance between performance, protection and payload. The Mountain Lion is equipped with a four wheel steer (4WS) system to dramatically reduce the turning circle in close terrain and urban areas, and offers superior protection levels.

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