An activity which has long been outsourced by mines in South Africa is the provision and operation of cementitious grout plants. Murray & Roberts Cementation has been providing this service for many years. As part of this offering, the company erects and manages cementitious grout plants, instals cementitious grout support packs, and where required will do wetcreting and general construction activities.

outsourcing grouting

A view of a typical 6 pump grout
plant showing all major external

Murray & Roberts Cementation is in a position to offer single pump pilot plant-type installations at very short notice, giving customers the flexibility to do whatever tests are necessaryand facilitating an early start to production.

“Within 48 hours of arriving on site, Murray & Roberts Cementation can be pumping grout, making this service ideal for emergency as well as startup situations,” says Allan du Plessis, business manager responsible for cementitious grout plants at Murray & Roberts Cementation.

The current activity level on various projects is a high pressure injection rate of 75 m3/month and a cementitious grout production rate of 13,600 m3/month.

A typical cementitious grout plant comprises a high shear mixer and storage tank, pumps and power packs. A pneumatic pump is supplied as a back-up in case of a power failure.