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Over Belt Magnetic Separators

A significant increase in the call for over belt magnetic separation equipment has validated Multotec’s strategic decision, just over a year ago, to establish Multotec Magnetics.

Arno Steinmuller, general manager Multotec Magnetics, says that after five years as the sole agent for Magnapower products, it decided to purchase the company. Steinmuller explains that Multotec has a broad product offering and the magnetic separation products fitted perfectly into this spread.

The function of the over belt magnetic separation equipment is the reliable and efficient removal of the tramp iron. “It is important not to over-specify nor under-specify the machine. If it cannot be sized accurately then it could result in money being wasted on a machine that is incorrectly specified.”

Steinmuller says that, interestingly, a machine could be over specified and still not perform adequately. “The accuracy of predicting the probability of removing tramp iron of a certain size and geometry relies on the accuracy of the data being input. It is essential to specify a machine that will be able to remove the sizes of tramp iron that could potentially cause catastrophic damage to downstream equipment within the plant.”

He emphasises that while over belt magnet technology is well known in the industry Multotec does, however, offer some added benefits. These include the use of customised software to determine the most appropriate configuration of the system for ensuring the efficient removal of the tramp iron. “Factors taken into account during the design stage include the physical size of the machine, the power consumption, the orientation – cross belt or in line, for example – and the various operational factors such as material, burden depth, belt speed and moisture content.”

In addition to locally manufacturing the equipment, Multotec Magnetics has an in-depth understanding of application requirements throughout the mineral processing spectrum with both local and international installations.

Steinmuller points to the advantage of the compact product design. “This is beneficial when one considers that from an economic perspective the trend today is towards smaller footprints for plants.” The space saving design does not compromise on the efficacy of the over belt magnetic separation process but does allow for a far smaller installation. This factor also plays an important role in plant upgrades where the need exists for the effective and efficient removal of tramp iron from the ore yet where space is often limited.