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PCM pumps provide cost saving solutions to the mining industry

PCM pumps provide cost saving solutions to the mining industryAs pumps’ overall efficiency and life cycle costs become paramount in purchasing decisions processes, the many benefits of positive displacement pumps are being highlighted.

PCM Progressive Cavity and Peristaltic Pumps find extensive applications in the mining industry. Designed for the transfer of the most abrasive fluids such as mineral pulps or tailings, PCM pumps performances and efficiency are not affected by variations of viscosity, high solids content or pressure typical of dewatering or filter-press feeding applications.

Another key differentiating factor is the low internal velocity. PCM pumps need no seal gland water and require lower installed power directly translating into significant costs savings. It also makes them ideal to meter fragile flocculants or when suction lift is required.

Remote monitoring

To further improve process reliability and control costs, PCM pumps use variable speed drives as well as relevant pump and process protection sensors. Process optimisation is achieved through constant pump monitoring to ensure low energy consumption and efficient running of the pumps while the detection of unusual operating conditions eradicates costly unplanned downtimes.

Easy to operate and to maintain, PCM pumps adapt to your process demands and bring improved efficiency and low life cycle costs.

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