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Petra’s US$9 million diamond

Blue diamonds
from Petra’s
Cullinan mine
London, England — MININGREVIEW — 03 November 2008 – Petra Diamonds – one of the largest independent international diamond groups in terms of resources – has announced that the 39.19-carat special blue diamond recently placed on tender in Johannesburg has been sold to an undisclosed buyer for US$8.8 million (more than R90 million).

Announcing the sale in a news release issued here, the company revealed that this rare stone had been produced from the Cullinan mine, which is renowned as the world’s only significant source of highly prized blue diamonds.
Petra CEO Johan Dippenaar commented “Blue is one of the most rare colours of diamond, and this exceptional stone was even more special due to its unusually large size. Diamonds of this nature are true collector’s dream because of their incredible beauty and scarcity,” he added.