Cape Town, South Africa — 13 September 2013 – South African national oil company PetroSA has announced that its floating oil production facility “’ the Orca “’ is to undergo a year-long refurbishment and re-classification.

“The Orca will from next week be temporarily docked at the port of Ngqura, near Port Elizabeth for up to 12 months to undergo re-classification and refurbishment upgrades,” said company spokesperson Thabo Mabaso in a statement, released here and reported by Fin24.

The production facility would be towed from the oilfields and was expected to arrive at Ngqura in the course of next week.

The Orca would be re-fitted and refurbished to ensure it met Special Period Survey (SPS) certification requirements. An SPS licence is a requirement of the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS).

“PetroSA is a member of ABS. An ABS approved licence will ensure the Orca’s class certification is up to date, which will enable the vessel to continue with production activities,” said Mabaso. The 44-year-old Orca was originally a drilling rig that underwent conversion into a floating production platform in 1997.

The Orca has been used by PetroSA since 2008 to produce oil from the Oribi/Oryx oil fields located on the southern coast of South Africa. It has produced 46.8 million barrels of crude oil so far.

Stringent health, safety and environmental standards would be adhered to during its stay at Ngqura, said Mabaso.

Source: Fin24. For more information, click here.