The SPX STONE range of DC
power units from Power Team

The SPX STONE range of DC power units is gaining increasing support in the South African mining industry.

“This year, we have sold this range of power components for applications ranging from mobile lifting systems to carryout maintenance on overhead power lines to emergency locomotive brakes,” reveals Power Team general manager Ian Bennett. “On the latter, the SPX STONE unit is used to charge the accumulator on the emergency brake system. The accumulator, in turn, is connected via a solenoid valve to the brake calliper, for instant, reliable response when needed,” he explains.

“Our strategy in establishing this range in a very competitive local market with few differentiating factors has been to slowly build sustained growth, supported by very strong parts and components availability,” Bennett says. “Now that we have found a strong foothold locally, we will continue to introduce new variants and add to the overall solution.”

Power Team has found broad support in the local market over the past few years for inclusion of its SPX STONE units in man lifts, cherry pickers, car transporters, tail-gate lifts, dock levellers and emergency braking systems for underground locomotives.