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Promoting mining investment in Africa


Stephen Coates, president and CEO, Homeland Energy Group updates the audience on his South African coal project during one of three sessions at MineAfrica’s Investing in African Mining Seminar in Toronto during the 2008 Prospector and Developers Association of Canada Convention

It is an innovative concept and a successful one, a business development company focused on promoting mining investment specifically in Africa. Toronto based MineAfrica produces a series of seminar and business development and marketing programs for clients including mining companies with projects in Africa, service providers such as banks, law firms and engineering firms that serve the African mining industry, and African governments seeking foreign mining investment.

“MineAfrica is the ideal platform for companies and African countries to get their message to the North American and UK markets,” explains MineAfrica president Bruce Shapiro.

MineAfrica’s Investing in African Mining Seminars allow presenters the opportunity to promote themselves to the world’s most significant financial and mining markets in Canada and the UK. Seminars are currently held in Toronto during the Prospector’s and Developer’s Association of Canada (PDAC) the largest mining event in the world, Vancouver and London, UK, the day before the Mines and Money conference.

“Canada has the most vibrant junior mining sector in the world with some 150 companies listed on the TSX with projects in Africa. The continent is a hot-spot for mining investment and Canada, current conditions aside, has a strong ability to raise capital,” Shapiro says.

MineAfrica’s Toronto seminar which takes place during the PDAC is held in conjunction with the Canada-South Africa Chamber of Business Mining breakfast and in 2008 featured 30 presenters. MineAfrica also provides a turnkey booth presence for companies and governments at the historically sold out PDAC trade show. Given the overwhelming size of the PDAC show an African focused event is an effective way to meet people that are seriously interested in Africa. Presenters range from mid-tier and junior mining groups with projects in Africa to project and finance houses, law and engineering firms and African governments.

This Investing in African Mining seminar has been extended to Vancouver in June and London, UK in December, these aimed to dovetail with major mining related investment conferences so that there is more than one reason to attend.

A key feature of the seminars is the high-level networking. “By focusing specifically on Africa our audience is in effect, pre-screened – they would not be in the room if they weren’t active, or interested in Africa,” explains MineAfrica vice president Wayne Floreani.

Other programs run by MineAfrica include its Africa Investor Series in Toronto, co-sponsored by the Canadian Minerals Resources Analysts Group, for listed mining companies with African projects, and specialised seminars such as BEE legislation, financing mining projects in Africa, and risk mitigation and corporate social responsibility in Africa’s mining industry.

“For Africa it is important to attract western companies, which operate using best corporate governance practices and have shareholders with the will and capacity to ensure that these practices are enforced. There is increasing interest in Africa from more opaque groups from less democratic regions which don’t promise the same corporate social responsibility practices,” Shapiro says.

MineAfrica is publishing a special report on mining in Africa to be launched at the Mining Indaba in Cape Town in February and distributed widely throughout 2009.

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