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Pump series range extension

Toyo pump

The new Toyo GR30 pump.

Slurries with specific density of 1.15 kg/dm³ already represent a serious challenge for many pumps, particularly when it comes to abrasive solids having settled in the liquid. Nevertheless, such frequent application does not necessarily require the same pumps as those for heavier slurries.

The Toyo GR pumps have been developed to perfectly meet with those requirements in numerous applications. GR pumps benefit from the typical Toyo design integrating an agitator along with technical specifications adapted to the density of medium slurries. They offer an effective solution for a competitive price.

The newest GR30 and GR30B also benefit from a self cooling system. They can operate partially immersed but also at depths up to 30 m, in liquids with temperatures up to 60OC and pH values between 4 and 9.5. They are equipped with a built in thermal protection, a class F motor, double mechanical seals working in an oil bath and an adjustable wear plate.

Their pumping capacity and head, at duty point, are 90 m³/h at 30 m for the GR30 and 192 m³/h at 19 m for the GR30B. They offer excellent resistance to abrasion, wear and tear. Thanks to their vertical outlet, they can operate even in narrow places.

Toyo GR pumps are put to work in sedimentation tanks for mineral products, in quarries for handling stone cutting waters and in ceramic sawing for mud-silts treatment as well as in ready-mixed concrete, cement and chalk factories.