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Real modularity in design offers diverse flexibility in test equipment

Some time ago ZERA decided that the traditional approach to designing portable meter test equipment – based on a single box and fixed features – would not serve the long-term objectives of a meter tester. In competitive energy markets it is essential to ensure that energy is measured accurately and complaints (related to billing, wrong wiring, multiplication factors and so on) are solved immediately.

The new scenario also demands that a meter’s new functions and features can be checked and tested easily – and thus that test equipment should be available to users at all times. We took all this and more into account when we designed our new product – Moving Test 3000.

  • Users can select the features/modules as required.
  • Features can easily be expanded and updated by users at a future date.
  • The product should be more than a simple meter testing device; a meter tester should also be able to use it for checking the metering installation, testing transducers and testing instrument transformers.
  • Non-stop use of equipment even when the measurement module goes to the national laboratory for calibration, by using another measurement module and maintaining legal metrology.
  • It should be easy to service and maintain by replacing the module by the user himself. This ensures continuity and reduces downtime.


Moving Test 3000   Moving Test 3000 is a true modular and flexible portable meter test system. The Moving Test system family includes the measuring instrument (reference meter) and generation instrument (phantom load). When the stand-alone modules are combined, the desired instrument is configured. The instrument design is registered under approval No. 20111830.0.

A basic unit contains the following modules:

  • The display module, which is 10.4” TFT colour display with 16 soft keys, 12 alpha numeric keys, 4 arrow keys and 1 enter button to provide comfortable interaction between the tester and the device. It is, however, possible to use the unit without the display module, by using PC software
  • The CPU module, which controls the complete moving test, interfacing with the PC and other modules. 
  • The measurement module, for measuring of three phase AC input test values up to 300 V & 12 A and available in two different accuracy classes – 0.02 and 0.05. This module is sealed independently to meet the legal metrological requirements. 
  • The function module, to test the meter using a scanning head, testing of S0 pulse, Tm/Te etc.


To increase the functionality of Moving Test, the following modules can be added at any time without sending the unit back to ZERA.

Clamp-on CT module

In conventional designs, compensation data of clamp-on CTs were permanently stored in the main unit and thus linked with the specific main device. Now in Moving Test these are stored in a 25-pin socket, hence clamp-on CTs are independent – they can be used with any other Moving Test 3000. If they are damaged, then the customer can simply get the compensated clamp-on CTs, and just plug and play. These are available in two models; up to 12 A and up to 120A.

Small signal module

Six independent channels are available to measure the output of transducers or clamps in the form of ± 10V or 20mA signal. Operators can use this module to check the CT ratio and conduct transducer testing on site.

Additional function module
Additional function modules can be added for testing N meters at a time.

Testing multiple transmitter/receiver outputs
By adding suitable modules, the operator can test up to 11 transmitter and receiver outputs of an energy meter

Controlling old phantom load VCS320-1

A special module is available for customers using our old phantom load VCS320, by which operators can control the VCS320 through Moving Test 3000. Modules are also available for testing a meter’s various communication interfaces.


The design of the source is also based on a modular concept. The basic device contains the following modules:

  • Display module
  • CPU module 
  • Power supply module
  • Current module to generate three-phase current
  • Voltage module to generate three-phase voltage.

The basic device is capable of generating three-phase 300 V and three-phase current 12 A. The harmonic in each phase up to 10th harmonic can be generated, and chopping of waveforms is also possible. The current generation range can be expanded up to 120A by using the current booster module.

We also paid special attention in the cabling of the meter under test by using colour-coded cables with prefabricated quick connector to reduce the test time and mistakes in testings.

Functions of MT3000


The new Moving Test 3000 offers the following functionality depanding on configurations:

  • Testing of multiple meters at a time
  • Display of actual value, harmonics (up to 40th), curve shape
  • Burden measurement and testing of CT/VT
  • Testing of transducer
  • Automatic testing by WINSAM software
  • Storage of data in compact flash card which enhances the effective working time of Moving Test
  • Generation of test value, harmonics, ripple control signal
  • Supporting various communication interfaces to meter as per IEC 61107 like RS232, CL20mA, RS485, Mbus
  •  Testing of special functions & features of meters.

The revolutionary Moving Test 3000 series was designed after feedback from customers and representatives in 65 countries; our innovation is thanks to their involvement.