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Real time monitoring

ifm Electronic’s Octavis

ifm Electronic’s Octavis Multiplexed system provides real time monitoring of critical plant equipment. The system includes a diagnostic module that is used with multiple accelerometers to remotely collect and analyse bearing failure and shaft unbalance conditions on multiple points on a machine.

efector Octavis has the processing power to analyse a vibration signature and predict failures in advance by sending an alarm output signal to a PLC or relay. The condition of the bearings and shaft are indicated through a traffic light display on the module. Up to four measuring points can be analysed and evaluated per monitor.

The module’s integrated memory stores vibration data and provides historical trends. Up to 30,000 values can be stored in the diagnostic electronics. Ethernet interface enables remote access, data logging, and offers decentralised diagnosis that can be integrated into higher-level systems. Switching outputs offer prealarm and alarm warnings.

The compact, stainless steel accelerometers are rated IP69K to withstand harsh environments and liquid ingress. The accelerometers have a frequency range of 10 kHz and transmit high frequency vibration signals.