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Reducing peak demand

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) is introducing a time sensitive pricing programme and promoting technologies which enable residential buildings to reduce their peak demand, as well as participate in curtailment incentive programmes conducted by the New York Independent System Operator (ISO).

Enabling technologies which allow residential buildings to curtail loads include electrical submetering, energy management (controlling air conditioning and heat pump units) and co-generation. Residential buildings participating in ISO curtailment programmes include Manhattan Plaza and Waterside Plaza, two all-electric residential complexes located in New York City.

Manhattan Plaza has used EMS to control over 3,000 electric heat pump units for the past 25 years, and is replacing them with more energy-efficient devices to further facilitate peak load reduction. Waterside Plaza installed a dual system in 1996 which controls the apartment heat pumps and submeters the electricity; it is being upgraded to further enhance its peak load reduction capability.

The web sites SubmeterOnline.com and CogenerationOnline.com have been updated to include sections describing the programmes, and also provide a mechanism for interested New York State buildings to sign up to participate.

https://www.submeteronline.com / https://www.cogenerationonline.com