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Rockwell recovers exceptional stones in South Africa

John Bristow,
President & CEO,
Rockwell Diamonds
Vancouver, Canada — MININGREVIEW.COM — 13 November 2009 – Rockwell Diamonds Incorporated “’ a Canadian based and listed mid-tier diamond mining and development company “’ reports that it has recovered three exceptional coloured stones from the Saxendrift alluvial diamond mine in South Africa.

Revealing this in a statement released here, the company “’ which is focused on South Africa “’ said that in addition, an outstanding 8.88-carat vivid yellow stone recovered earlier in 2009 had been manufactured and sold by the Steinmetz Diamond Group (SDG).

The Rockwell statement confirmed that during the month of October the company had recovered three high-quality coloured diamonds, comprising a salmon-pink stone of 30.54 carats and two intense fancy yellow stones of 35.54 carats and 36.32 carats from its Saxendrift mine on the Middle Orange River.

The statement added that these three stones were being processed under a beneficiation agreement with SDG

President and CEO John Bristow commented: “We expect the latest coloured stones to attract strong rough prices in an improving market. We are also particularly pleased that the recently sold 8.88-carat manufactured stone from Saxendrift was beneficiated locally by skilled South African cutters and polishers, ensuring that Rockwell and its partner support the development of the local diamond beneficiation industry.”