Rockwell Diamonds
CEO James Campbell
Johannesburg, South Africa — 19 September 2013 – During the past three weeks, mid-tier diamond mining and development company Rockwell Diamonds has recovered four rough diamonds each exceeding 100 carats in weight from its operations in the Middle Orange River region.

In addition, the company has recovered a higher than average number of diamonds smaller than 100 carats. This reinforces management’s decision to focus operations in this region and embrace new processing technology, reports Fin24.

Two stones weighing 116 carats and 138 carats were recovered at the Saxendrift processing plant from gravels originating from the Saxendrift Extension pit. In addition, a 126-carat stone and a 169-carat stone were recovered from a mining area that has recently been opened up at the Saxendrift Hill complex.

All of these stones will be sold into the beneficiation joint venture with Steinmetz Diamonds at market value. Rockwell will also participate equally in the value uplift once these stones have been polished and sold.

The frequency of Rockwell’s recoveries in the 20 to 100 carat category has improved with the commissioning of SHC and Niewejaarskraal as well as the integration of the Saxendrift Extension into Saxendrift’s mine plan. Implementation of diamond value management principles and fit for purpose technologies also contributed to the improvement.

Commenting on the recovery of these large, high valued stones CEO James Campbell said the recovery of four rough diamonds exceeding 100 carats within a three week period is a milestone in the objective to grow production in the region where there is a significant inventory of high value in situ diamonds.

“It also attests to the quality of our recovery processes where the implementation of fit-for-purpose technology has improved our ability to recover large stones,” he added.

“Our objective to increase alluvial production volumes in this area to 500 000cu m per month is aimed at improving the quarterly earnings visibility of the company through the more regular production of large stones such as these.

Importantly, these 100-plus carat stones were recovered from two new mining areas, namely the Saxendrift Extension and the Saxendrift Hill Extension, and show tangible progress with our strategy,” said Campbell.

Source: Fin24. For more information, click here.