Ngezi convoy

An incoming conveyor at Ngezi delivering
400 tons/hour of 150 mm lump size
ore through the Weba 90°
right-hand chute

Weba Chute Systems – a leading player in the supply of tailordesigned systems for bulk materials handling – is expanding its footprint in southern Africa with an order for three chutes for the Ngezi platinum project, 150 km north of Harare in Zimbabwe.

“We are already involved fairly extensively in Zimbabwe, and this latest contract will serve to confirm our presence in the region as a leader in transfer-point technology,” says Werner Baller, managing director of Weba Chute Systems.

The company will be supplying two conveyor-to-conveyor Weba Chutes. The first will accommodate 450 by 300 by 200 mm slabs, running at a maximum capacity of 750 tonnes an hour. The belt is 1200 mm wide, and it has a maximum speed is 2.4 metres a second.

The second conveyor-to conveyor Weba Chute is similar, except for a slightly slower maximum speed of 2.3 metres a second. It will have a magnet on top of the chute in order to remove steel from the product. The third Weba Chute to be supplied will be an apron feeder discharge chute, by-passing the crusher feeding a conveyor.

Each Weba Chute System is customdesigned for a particular application, taking into account such diverse factors as belt width and speed, material size and shape and throughput.

This locally-developed transfer system has a particular advantage for an expansion project like Ngezi, as an optimum design configuration can be determined prior to construction, incorporating the best belt-cleaning arrangement and ideal belt type and size selection. This also means that spillage can be eliminated, resulting in an improvement in productivity.