The MSR 200 at work at Sunrise
gold mine in Western Australia

A South African radar system has been selected to improve operational safety and risk reduction in the Sunrise Dam deep open pit gold mine in Western Australia.

The Movement and Surveying Radar (MSR) 200 is a radar system that scans the selected open-pit wall on a continuous basis to detect movement in the rock surface. It will generate slope-stability alarms once a pre-determined threshold in movement and/or acceleration is detected. The MSR provides realtime 100% coverage without the need to install any reflectors on the mine surface. All measurements are fully geo-referenced. It includes the latest radar technology available and has extremely high levels of reliability.

A further advantage of the MSR 200 is that it provides fully geo-referenced surveying information, allowing areas that are not normally accessible to be surveyed.

Company behind the system is RRS, and business manager Jan de Beer points out that it is contributing to the important aspect of safety and risk reduction at Sunrise Dam, while also adding value to its productivity. He adds that the current system is the first to be fully commissioned on Australian soil, but additional systems are on order.

“The introduction of real-time radar slope monitoring for openpit operations in recent years has been a major advance in managing geotechnical risk,” says Sunrise Dam open pit manager Peter Booth. “The MSR 200 complements the existing slope stability risk management system by giving us the ability to focus on specific areas of the pit walls in much more detail than is possible using any other method of monitoring,” he explains. The Sunrise Dam Gold Mine is owned and operated by AngloGold Ashanti, and it produces over 580 000 ounces of gold per annum.

RRS is a world-renowned radar company, and has been involved in the mining industry for the past four years. Its MSR products are currently used in Africa, South America, and now also in Australia.