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SA company to mine copper for Konkola

Number 4 Shaft
and the Konkola
Deep mining project
Lusaka, Zambia — MININGREVIEW.COM — 16 September 2009 – The Zambian unit of London-listed Vedanta Resources plc “’ Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) “’ has hired a South African company to mine for copper in terms of its plans to raise output from the current 200 000 tonnes to 500 000 tonnes by 2011.

KCM announced here that it had engaged Moolmans “’a subsidiary of South Africa’s Aveng Group Limited which specialises in surface mining. It added that its plans to resume cobalt output and bring it up to 5 000 tpa were also on course.

The company had said initially that cobalt production would reach 5 000 tonnes after the 300 000 tpa Nchanga copper smelter had been commissioned in 2008, but had given no timeline to hit the target.

“Moolmans commenced operations at the site on 1 September 2009 under a performance-based contract to mine 34 million tonnes of rock in two years. This ore will be treated at the tail leaching plant at Nchanga,” KCM said in a statement.

KCM “’ Zambia’s largest copper producer “’ has started several projects intended to more than double copper production to 500 000 tonnes by 2011. The company operates the Konkola, Nchanga and satellite Fitwaola copper mines.

The company “’ which is developing the Konkola Deep Mining Project, said to be the deepest copper mine in Africa “’ engaged Brazilian firm U&M Mining in July to mine two areas for both waste and copper ore in a bid to boost output.

“The Moolmans involvement with KCM will create more employment and help us achieve our ambition of producing 500 000 tonnes of finished copper,” the company said.

Zambia is Africa’s largest copper producer.