Mineral-laden truck
crossing the SA-
Mozambique border
at the Ressano Garcia
Maputo, Mozambique — 24 April 2012 – South African mining operators prefer to send their mineral exports to the port of Maputo by road because of the prohibitive fees charged by the South African authorities for use of their rail system, Mozambique’s AIM news agency reports.

“What is happening is that the mining companies in South Africa pay high fees to use the railway to the Mozambican border town of Ressano Garcia, which is intended to persuade them to use the port of Durban rather than Maputo,” Mozambican transport minister Paulo Zucula told reporters here. “Rather than pay that price “’ they prefer to come to Maputo by road, which is much cheaper”.

Fin24 reports that the railway between Ressano Garcia and Maputo port has unused capacity of 2Mtpa. Zucula confirmed that the line had a current capacity for 8Mtpa of cargo, but was only moving 6Mtpa.

At the annual Maputo Port Conference here, prime minister Aires Ali had expressed concern at the use of roads rather than railways, particularly for transporting minerals. He pointed out that heavy trucks reduced the useful life of roads, incurred large fuel costs, and caused environmental problems.

Zucula said discussions had been held with South African state rail company Transnet in an attempt to standardise transport prices, so that Maputo port would no longer be disadvantaged,
AIM reported.

Source: AIM through Fin24. For more information, click here.