Mining production in South Africa rose 5.1% year on year in November after an upwardly revised 23% (22%) year-on-year increase in October‚ according to data released by Statistics South Africa.

The highest positive growth rates were recorded for gold (35.5%), manganese ore (33.6%) and diamonds (27.0%), with the main contributors to the 5.1% increase were gold (contributing 4.2 percentage points); manganese ore (1.5 percentage points); and iron ore (1.3 percentage points).

Mineral sales increased by 16.9% year on year in October 2013, with the highest positive growth rates recorded for chromium ore (107.4%), copper (61.7%) and iron ore (35.4%). The major contributors to the 16.9% increase were platinum group metals, contributing 5.4 percentage points; and iron ore and coal, each contributing 5.1 percentage points.