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SA to build largest LPG storage facility in 2013

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Cape Town, South Africa — 28 June 2012 – Construction of South Africa’s largest liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) storage facility is scheduled to commence early next year, and the project is due for completion towards the end of 2014.

Revealing this here, Reuters reports, project director Barthlo Harmse of Sunrise Energy said the project – which was aimed at reducing LPG shortages that regularly hit South Africa – would cost about R1.2 billion, with imports coming from the Middle East, the Gulf of Guinea and Angola.

“We will be commissioning the facility at the end of December 2014,” he added, the company developing the site next to the Saldanha Bay port on the country’s west coast. Sunrise Energy – a joint venture between the Ilitha Group and South African state-owned financier the Industrial Development Corporation.

South Africa is diversifying its energy mix away from electricity to alleviate pressure on state utility Eskom, which is operating on razor-thin capacity.

An estimated 3% of the country’s 49 million people use LPG and the intention is to attract an additional one million users over the next five years.

Source: Reuters Africa. For more information, click here.