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Secure e-mail Bill Presentment in Canada

From the end of March 2006, customers of Whitby Hydro, a Canadian-based utility, will be able to have their monthly bills automatically delivered in the form of a secure PDF e-mail bill. This will allow them to view an exact replica of their paper bill, as well as link to their Internet banking for quick and easy payment. A ‘print’ facility is also available for those who need a hard copy. A data file will be included for consumers or businesses with multiple accounts, for convenient uploading into their accounting systems.

The utility wanted a solution that makes participation easy for customers, and the Striata e-billing solution is secure, and avoids the need to visit web sites and choose and remember a username and password. The bill only requires one click to view, and payment is an easy click through to customers’ Internet banking facility. Efficient customer service is also available by replying to the e-mail bill.