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Security for mines

For the past five years, Overseas Security Services (OSS) has been a well-known name in the mining industry in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Its agents have been implementing and monitoring safety and security measures for companies such as MIBA, Glencore and Ruashi Mining, among others.

Between 2001 and 2007 OSS was responsible for the security on all sites of MIBA, the giant uncut diamond producer in the DRC. It designed and maintained the entire safety and security systems on the mines, ranging from miner screening and CCTV to combating illicit diggers.

From last year, the company’s agents have been managing the operations of the joint venture between Glencore and the Bazano group. Not only are these agents in charge of implementing and maintaining safety and security measures, but they also supervise vehicle dispatch, site logistics as well as construction.

As of the beginning of 2008, OSS had assigned security experts to the Metorex group’s Ruashi mining operation at Kowezi.

Having been focused on the DRC, OSS’s activities are now expanding towards Zambia, Madagascar, Dubai, Mauritania and South Africa.

By employing exclusively expatriate security officers with intensive European military training as well as a great understanding of Africa, OSS has set high standards in security audit and consulting, training of guards, fire-fighting and precious cargo escorts.

The company also recently launched a new department with the intention of offering management support solutions to the mining sector through maintenance services, engineering procurement, manpower provision and remote site management.

OSS is positioning itself as a partner for all existing or new mining projects in Africa, where the mining companies get to deal with a single interlocutor for the entire process of establishing their camps, recruiting qualified or semiqualified workers, ensuring the security of the site and implementing the specific safety measures.

For mining companies in Africa the size and accessibility of the sites and the value of the products exploited or the equipment used require very strict and effective security measures. Safety is one of the major concerns of management in the mining industry as the risks of fatalities are often high. OSS puts in place safety plans that respond to the clients’ specific needs and requirements.

OSS provides well trained and equipped security guards for mining or construction sites, industrial parks and commercial or housing complexes. Its guards, recruited especially for their professional skills (physical and moral), are always ready to face all kinds of critical situations that may arise on a site including theft, riots and fire.

Companies investing in Africa are often concerned about the safety of their agents and equipment. To give them peace of mind prior to their investment, OSS conducts security audits. Such audits can allow the clients to identify all the potential threats to any new investment and also point out security weaknesses in an existing organisation.

During commercial operations or product transport, OSS provides guards trained in escort techniques, static protection and defensive driving. OSS possesses the latest equipment necessary to offer a maximum security to its client’s products. The confidentiality of the customer during all the missions carried out by its staff is always guaranteed.

OSS has among its teams a panel of technicians capable of undertaking maintenance work during stops scheduled on industrial sites. The company’s agents have all the experience and equipment necessary to carry out various work within the limited standards of safety, cost or delay. It specialises in erection of turbines, wind mills and rotating equipment, thermal power plants, cement, steel and mining plants, chemical and oil sites, and in areas of difficult access (acrobatic work).

The group also provides to the market its knowledge of the employment pool and its ability to access all the human resources required, creating ideal conditions for a rapprochement with the qualifications needed in the market. From the semi-skilled worker to the expert engineer, the industry can count on OSS to recruit on a large scale for major projects.

Conscious that its clients’ field expertise is often exclusively focused on mineral exploitation, and aware of the many challenges these clients will encounter while implementing and running their business, OSS offers support by carrying out camp management tasks, such as catering, camp engineering and design, construction supervision, procurement and cost analysis, maintenance and services.