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Sedgman teams up with CoalTech

International coal agglomeration engineering company CoalTech has concluded an agreement with mineral processing company Sedgman to support it in its future coal pelletising plant development.

Sedgeman will provide engineering and development support, providing expertise from basic engineering services through to the potential design and development of future coal pelletising plants, thus enabling a long-term relationship in relation to the leverage of CoalTech’s IP and process.

“After the successful commissioning of our first industrial plant with a capacity of 10 000 tpm, CoalTech is now ready to build industrial plants in South Africa and further afield, says CoalTech president Filippo Fantechi.

Taking advantage of the research and development made, along with testing and commissioning activities over the last year, CoalTech is now working on the design to build commercial plants with capacities around 25 000 to 30 000 tpm.

“As such, we have been keen to appoint an experienced technical partner to support the design and development of these plants, to underpin the transition to higher capacities, and to continue to target enhanced efficiencies. Our agreement with Sedgman is expected to not only optimize the development of CoalTech’s plant in South Africa but also to create successful and sustainable opportunities in a broader global market, Fantechi notes.

Sedgman, is a world leader in the engineering design, construction and operation of coal handling and preparation plants having delivered over 150 major projects, including extensive experience and expertise gained over 35 years in the coal Industry.

The coal pelletising process at a glance

Through extensive R&D, CoalTech has identified a method of converting coal fines into agglomerated coal pellets using input material comprising coal fines, both from coal fines slurries and fines derived from waste and discarded coal, bound together in the pelletising plant using a special chemically-formulated binder.

 CoalTech’s pelletising process entails adding coal fines feedstock into a mixer, with a specific moisture level automatically controlled by the plant. Special chemically-formulated ingredients are then added to the coal fines material and bound together in the mixer to form an agglomerated coal product.

The final stage, currently in the final stage of development, comprises a step of drying or curing of the pellets.

Once manufactured, the coal pellets can be used by power plants to generate electricity.

CoalTech’s industrial pellatising plant represents a viable solution to exploit a non-utilised by-product of the coal industry, which is at levels as high as around 30 Bt globally, and approximately 2.4 Bt in South Africa alone, Fantechi highlights.